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Alcantara Valley

The charming Valley of the Alcantara river

Routes that allow to discover the fascinating Valley created by the erosion of this eternal river. The Alcantara Valley separates the area of Etna from the Nebrodi and Peloritani mountain chains, keeping the coast connected to the deepest countryside.

A river that over thousands of years built a various and immensely interesting geological environment marked with the stories written by the Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Spanish who left in this Valley wide and affordable evidences of their passage, admirable by the curiosity of attentive eyes.

Cold waters, flowing in narrow gorges that you will discover with simple activities of canyoning infused with charm and strong emotions.
The pleasure to discover the warmth of these people and the authenticity of their traditions …



Activity just for regular associated, ask for info by e mail

  • Trekking along the bed of the river Alcantara (path Le Gurne)
  • Sport activity with technical equipment (neoprene suit–helmet-neoprene socks- river jacket) within the gorges, between basalt columns and wonderful landscapes


Pick-up at 8.30 in hotel towards Francavilla di Sicilia, municipality of Alcantara Valley where the path “Gurne” begins. The tour starts in the terrstreets, dirt road, dry walls, ruins of old mills, ancient sacred buildings and military fortresses, bridges, irrigation system and channels that are used to support old country works, natural views and historical sceneries and again plants, trees and flowers used in folk medicine. These elements and many more along the path of history. (Track length 10 km).



Body Rafting is to walk along stretches of river, even uphill, alternating different techniques of progression, some basic concepts borrowed from climbing and swimming and some dive from rocks (5.5 mm neoprene suit and shoes, float jacket, protective helmet).
Through the river trekking, you can access the most hidden parts of the Gorges, accompanied by expert guides, in total safety, discovering magical places and secrets, becoming part of them, getting you carry from current with a dive in the pools emerald-coloured, gliding between rocks smoothed by water.
The river-trekking: a way to experience the river without mediation that allows you to acquire a high degree of familiarity with the elements of nature.
The proposed activity involves variations on the total duration of the trek: from one and a half hour to two.


Difficulty: Medium


Activity just for regular associated, ask for info by e mail

  • Meeting at 9.00 directly at the entrance of the reserve of the Alcantara or pick up from an agreed point.
  • Approaching to the starting point of activity and dressing with neoprene wetsuit, helmet, life vest, fins and protections.


The Hydrospeed, unlike Rivertrekking, faces the river downhill towards the Valley using a small bob having the double function of float and to protect against impacts with rocks. A fun way to travel the cold rapids of Alcantara and that shows us, with a little adrenaline, its most hidden parts, unique scenarios immersed in the lush valley of Alcantara and between the basalt walls of this legendary river.


The Hydrospeed is a novelty in Sicily and Truvatura can boast the only guide recognized by CONI on the territory. It is addressed to teens and adults with moderate familiarity in aquatic environments and in good physical shape. All equipment is provided by the Guide, the total duration of the activity is about 4 hours in a stretch of the river approximately 4 km, along which the river narrow and expand continuously, from the rapids and the jumps of the most gentle stretches to the slow flowing where the bed relax on the sand … before changing again. A close encounter with nature, a new experience full of emotions. Adopt swimsuit, a change of clothes and water. Expected return at 13.00/14.00.