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Reserve of Pantalica



Activity just for regular associated, ask for info by e mail

– Meeting at 7.30/8.00 a.m., depending on location and transfer with our means of transport to the countries of Sortino and Ferla, the doors of Pantalica
– After a coffee in town, we start the excursion within the cava of the reserve and picnic on the banks of the river Anapo
– Visit of the Byzantine village of San Nicolicchio and “Prince’s Palace” the anaktoron. Expected coming back at about 18,00

The rocky necropolis of Pantalica (ancient Hybla), Europe’s largest, is the main reason why advancing among the difficult curves of the hyblaean mountains worth, but certainly not the only one.

The prehistoric site, dating back to the late Bronze Age (XIII-VIII b.C.), stands out for its thousands of tombs in cave-shape that stud as a beehive the Canyon walls carved by the river Anapo, one of the greatest perennial watercourse in Sicily, and the torrents Calcinara and Bottigliera. The archaeological site takes place in one of the most marked by the formation of a karst surface and atmospheric erosion panoramas in our territory, the limestone rocks of these provinces have been crossed for over three hundred meters from the level of the highlands, the flora and fauna within and on the sides of the Anapo Valley are unparalleled. A multitude of trails branch off from different entrances, from the most simple and flat that follow old mule tracks or the route of the old railway, to trails more suitable for trekking enthusiasts; they can offer a more complete view of a place where, however, a lifetime is not enough … The visit of nature is mixed, in all the trails proposed, to ethno-anthropology, archaeology and medieval and contemporary history basis, for all ages and all cultures. Another way to not forget easily the stay on this island. Adopt good closed toe shoes, windbreaker, drinks and the swimsuit in summer.